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International School Madrid

Living the experience of studying abroad in a foreign school and see the world from another perspective is one of the top incentives a teenager can get during his formation stage. Is the motivation needed to assimilate the fact that the world is pretty much bigger, impressive and interesting than the things that internet show. What if you can assure your son lives that experience, but not only for a year, but for his entire childhood and teenage? That is what an  International School  gives you. Why sign up your son in International School of Madrid? The first benefit of this school, beyond topics as qualifications and opportunities to get into prestigious universities (which we will discuss in a few paragraphs), is the application of the  academic model  that has been so important during the last years (But shamefully, less applied than it should in public education). The kid will be educated in an integral way, and instead of expecting him to memorize boring concepts and data t